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Ixsite Web Analyzer: Website Analysis Software


Ixsite Web Analyzer is a powerful new website analysis tool that makes it easy for you to maintain an error-free website: Zero in on broken links, missing images, stale content, and other problems, create attractive graphical sitemaps, and generate custom site reports. Request the free demo software.


Sample: Ixsite website analysis software Ixsite's website analysis, mapping, and reporting features work together seamlessly to offer you a highly effective website management solution.


And Ixsite is easy to install and use: it runs on any Windows 95/NT4 computer and supports all web servers. No server installation is required.


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Website checking
- Broken links
- Missing images
- Slow pages
- Stale content
- Orphan files
Website reporting
- Problem summary
- Broken link details
- Site statistics
- File overview
- Image catalog
Website mapping
- Outline tree view
- Links in/out map
- Wavefront view
- Shortest path
- Neighborhood map



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Ixsite Web Analyzer